Clay Modelling Studio

Sixsense design studio provides Clay Modelling which is the medium learning of three dimensional composition and communication through three dimensions can happen. As well as 3D model making skill also can be upgraded. Drawing itself is very useful medium of visual expression and communication. Imagination and creativity is involved in character making portion. Through this process creativity and imagination can be enriched. All these learning will be very useful for art and design.

The most easily recognized form of sculpting is clay modeling, that is, the creation of a 3-dimensional piece of art typically using some type of clay: Plastilina (oil-based clay), self-hardening (non-firing) clay, ceramic/pottery clay, wax or other polymer-based material. Your choice of material is a very personal one – based upon feel, texture, and hardness of the material, and possible required reproduction of the finished piece.

Character Modelling

Sixsense design studio is one stop solution for 3D character development. Whether you have concept or not, our creative team can convert your visualization into sketches and 3D model. Character modelling is the process of creating character within the 3D space of computer programs. The techniques for chracter modelling within film, animation, games and VR training programs.

Character Sculpting

The Sixsense design Character Sculpting studio is the true artistry lies at your fingertips.
Character sculpting is very detail oriented task where our 3D sculpture artist focus on every small detail to give life to any character. Once a character design has been settled on, the first step in getting that character into your Unity game is often sculpting the model. Probably the best tool around for creating these highly detailed sculpts is ZBrush

Character Texturing

Once a model has been approved it is sent to Texturing and shading. As 3D modelled, the object has no look defined – It is just flat, grey. When these attributes are modified and combined, they define the final look the object will have once lit. Substance painter as a tool for texturing game characters.