Animation Outsourcing Studio

Sissense Concept 2D Artist consists of highly creative and experienced artists who can transform one-liners and elaborative briefs to create a wide range of concepts for characters, environments, props, illustrations, storyboards and more 2D games, animation, movies and all.
Sixsense provides key frame Animation services and spline Animation and Mo-Cap data using motion builder for video games. Our Experienced animators have have the right mix of creative, technical and directional skills in video game animation.

3D Character Animation

The animation required for video games is pretty different from the animation developed for websites or TV or even films. In video games, 3D animation is required to create a virtual world for the gamer. The 3D animation actually is the vehicle which carries forward the story to transform into an active video games.

3D Modelling & Animation‚Äč

Sixsense 3D animation studio provides a completely customizable 3D animation service that provides the clients with plethora of choices to take their picks. Not only that you get the most advanced 3D animation solutions for your game development project, but you also get to choose and specify the way you want the animation to be done

3D Animation Provides :

  • 3D Character Animation
  • 3D Assest Animation
  • 3D Cartoon Animation
  • 3D Vehicle Animation
  • 3D Weapon Animation
  • 3D Animated Characters
  • 3D Stylized Animation
  • 3D Realistics Animation

3D Animation Services :

  • Use of sundry animation styles and techniques.
  • Latest tools for developing 3D animations.
  • Interactive & entertaining 3D animation.
  • Real-time character animation for higher player.
  • Game ready & Game engine video animation.
  • Propoer creative planning & timely execution.
  • Lower project costs & higher returns
  • Skilled 3D Animators for hire.